AED Wrongful Death Attorneys

There is nothing easy about receiving information regarding the sudden passing of a loved one due to a heart attack. It’s even more tragic when death occurs in an environment that the person frequented as part of a normal daily routine. These places can include gyms, community centers, club meeting halls, and even churches. When someone unexpectedly dies in a place where they were recognized, it’s extraordinarily difficult to accept the loss.

Many facilities are under strict new insurance guidelines to have an AED available in anticipation of these situations. Automatic External Defibrillators are proven to save many lives when used properly. These guidelines also demand that owners and employees of establishments in which AEDs are found, be fully trained to used them. The failure to properly utilize an AED’s availability, along with unpredictable machine failure, might be considered as contributing to wrongful death. If having a symptomatic heart problem could have been alleviated with the use of an AED, but lack of training and machine malfunction were factors, the family of a victim may have reason to seek compensation for wrongful death. AED wrongful death attorneys are an essential element in helping to figure out the degrees of negligence in these cases.

Display of AEDs

Business and other buildings that have AEDs available in emergencies must display them in a public area. This area must be accessible to both staff and members of the public who know how to use them effectively. All AED displays must have up-to-date instructions on their proper use. This includes preparing the device for use, step-by-step instructions on heart rate monitoring, and proper placement of paddles for optimal electric shock delivery.

The absence of clearly displayed AED setups, instructions, and protocols can be identified as a factor contributing to why a person was unable to recover from an emergency. AED wrongful death attorneys understand that it is never an intention that someone should pass away, but preventing a death could have been hindered by the failure of adhering to simple regulations and preventative measures.

Proprietor Responsibilities

Along with clear displays, providing accessibility, and having emergency signage, business owners utilizing AEDs have other important responsibilities. Both owners and staff members of a business must be thoroughly trained in how to use an AED in an emergency. They must also have their AEDs calibrated on an annual basis. If an AED is present to prevent someone from dying, yet no one is available to lend assistance, it could be determined that the victim died needlessly. AED wrongful death attorneys can piece together the events surrounding a person’s death, and help all parties understand where negligence might have occurred.

Manufacturer Liability

Sometimes, all protocols for AED use are followed, but a person still passes away unexpectedly. In rare cases this can be because of a malfunction in an AED itself. The AED wrongful death attorneys at The Ryan Law Group have the resources and insights to investigate whether it was human error or machine failure that led to a wrongful death. If it was machine failure, the legal implications are immense because it will inevitably lead to manufacturer involvement. There is no way that the family of a victim can adequately pursue justice in this type of situation. Experienced legal assistance and action is advised.

Wrongful death cases can emerge even in situations where there is no accident, and only natural events. The availability of emergency medical devices like AEDs are proven to save lives in emergencies if they function well and are used properly. Machine failure and human error resulting in wrongful death must be addressed legally. Attorneys are the surest way to find justice in the face of a loved one’s untimely and avoidable passing.

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