Dog Bite Injury

Dog Bite Injury

The costs of medical care and recovery from a dog bite attack should not fall upon the victim. Infection from disease or bacteria that the dog could be carrying can cause unforeseen complications, and the cosmetic damages are an additional nuisance. Lacerations, serious puncture wounds, infection, scarring and psychological and emotional trauma are injuries that should not be taken lightly. Many dog bite cases in California also require antibiotic treatment for the victim.

Negligent or abusive dog owners should be held responsible for the damages sustained in these incidents. In many dog bite cases, the dog owners have behaved irresponsibly, have mistreated their animals, or did not provide veterinary care for them. If a dog owner has lost control of their pet in public, they have created a dangerous environment for others and should absolutely be held liable for any injuries inflicted upon others.

If you or your loved one has suffered a dog bite attack injury, contact us at Ryan Law. Our personal injuryspecialists are experienced with negotiating claims with insurance companies and managing cases with at-fault parties. We will hire private investigators to obtain additional insight into the conditions in which the animal was held in order to build a strong case against the dog owner.

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