Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault victims never deserve what has happened to them.

The physical, emotional and psychological damage following a sexual assault can be immense. The medical treatment that is required for recovery is lengthy and expensive. It will certainly take years for a victim of sexual assault to recover from their injuries.

Victims who were assaulted during an abusive relationship, an unsafe work environment, or a random criminal act absolutely deserve competent and aggressive representation against the liable party to ensure proper compensation. If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted, please contact us for confidential, compassionate and thoughtful guidance through this challenging time.

Sexual assault perpetrators are generally prosecuted by the state. However, sexual assault victims can also pursue justice through civil actions for personal damages. If the attacker accessed the victim through an employer, a business or another organization, those entities could be held liable for civil damages as well. Even in cases where the court was unable to convict, liability could still be determined in a civil case.

Our sexual assault attorneys will pursue compensation for medical treatment, rehabilitation, counseling, pain and suffering and loss of income. The firm will manage all negotiations on the victim’s behalf in a discreet and professional manner while trying to limit the amount of avoidable stress and grief for our client.

You can trust that The Ryan Law Group will be determined to achieve justice on your behalf. Your recovery is our priority, and you can receive excellent medical care for your injuries while we work on your case with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

Professional Representation for Sexual Harassment Cases

Attorneys at The Ryan Law Group strive to provide strong representation for all subjected to sexual harassment. We understand how such a heinous act can affect victims physically and psychologically. With our respectful services, we fight for these clients and commit our efforts to getting a legally justifiable result. Contact us today to hire The Ryan Law Group for your case.

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